villa bose ruskamen croatiaApartments Villa Bose are situated in Ruskamen on a beautiful pebbly beach. Ruskamen is a tourist place near middle of the road Split – Makarska, 6 km south-east from Omiš. Broad pebbly beaches and pine forest were main reasons why noble family Dešković had built there a villa. In the 60's , hotel ruskamen was built very near, few hundreds of meters from us.

We have been in tourism since 1965 when we had only six bedrooms, each with two beds and only one bathroom. Since then, we have renovated our home several times.

We host tourists from almost all European countries, there are many families who have stayedat our house more than 10 times, some even more than 20. Through the years many of these people have become our close friends.

villa bose ruskamenAll membersof the family speak and understand few languages. Father Darko, the director of Tourist Office in Omiš, speks English, German, Italien, Czech and Slovak language. Mother Ljiljana , owns a tourist train ROVEKO ( Roko , Vedrana, Korina ) which circulates through Omiš and canyon of the river Cetina, but her main duty is making that  everything is tidy and extremly clean. Older daughter Vedrana graduated engeneer of Geodesy, speaks English and German. Son Roko speaks German , English and Czech, and Korina speaks German better than some of her peers from Germany.

All our guests, apart from clean sea, beautiful beach, needlework white sheets, can experience domestic atmosphere and can spend evening with us sipping homemade (authentic) red wine and a special authentic drink made of aroma of nuts (orahovica).


Apartment - accommodation in town center for 4 to 6 persons